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Egadi Scuba Diving


I’m a PSS Instructor and PADI Divemaster and have been diving in the Mediterranean for over 10 years. I’ve worked on research projects and been actively involved in the identification of shipwrecks in the Egadi Islands, the Aeolian Islands and in the Straits of Messina and I’m passionate about technical dives: ACCELLERATED DECOMPRESSION, TRIMIX NORMOSSICO, TRIMIX IPOSSICO, INSPIRATION REBREATHER DIVER.


FIPSAS/CMAS 4 STAR GUIDE and UNDERWATER ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATOR, QUALIFIED EXPERT IN MARINE RESERVE MANAGEMENT. I took part in the archeological excavation campaign undertaken by the Centro de Arqueología Subacuática de Cataluña (CASC) on the east coast of Spain. Since 2003 I have collaborated with centres in the Egadi Archipelago and since 2006 with several resorts in The Maldives.